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Welcome to this webpage featuring the good old C=64 and the new C=64 'Demo/Intro Group' ToXic Waste. You might ask yourself how someone nowadays could be stupid enough to spend his energy in learning 6510-Assembler, to invest time into a computer-system that is 'dead' since years? Well, there are three main answers:

First, the C=64 scene is _not_ dead, of course. There are still some active groups releasing stuff for C=64 and it will not die until the last C=64 gets broken and the last C=64 Emu is deinstalled.

Second point is that 6510 assembler is quite easy to learn because of its limited instruction-set and only a hand full of adressing modes. So for a beginner in machine-language (and demo-coding) it's the ideal starting-point.

Third reason is the nostalgic feeling i get when messing around with my "Brotkasten". Ah, the good old days! :-)

About ToXic Waste

Current Member Status: Me (Feel free to join! Beginners prefered!)

In the beginning there was a VIC-20. Then the C=64 came (someone surprised?), later Amiga ruled. In these days i always was impressed from the productions rised from the 'scene', but never seriously tried to involve myself into these things.
In my late Amiga-days i coded and designed some 'demos' ("Langenfeld - Ark!", "Bistro", "Letter to Leipzsch" and others) for fun using the handle 'Toxic Waste' but never released anything.
One week ago, i tested the beta2 of CCS C=64 Emulator and got stuck in coding funny test-routines and learning 6510-Assembler. Although i still have my old C=64, my 1541 got jammed and so i have to use CCS exclusively.

These Webpages are intended to document my efforts to properly handle the 6510-machine and to store my releases for public access. I would be very glad to hear your thoughts about my page / intro(s)!

About C=64

Well, i don't think there's too much to say here: The C=64 operates with a 6510 processor (appr. 1 MHz), has 64 KB (!) of Memory and a integrated basic interpreter. Storage-media are (Audio)Tapes or 5 1/4 Inch Discs.
Today you are able to properly emulate a C=64 on a standard-PC on almost all operating-systems. Please refer to my Links Section for download of an emulator. You will need one to check out my releases and many other stuff, including your favourite computer-games of the eighties.

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