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Now that was quite a long time since i last updated this page - 6 years and 2 days... Last week browsing the web i surfed some sites about the good old 8bit computers and once again got fascinated by the breadbin. Again i am sitting in front of an emulator (sometimes even the real thing) watching demos (wow - those today are still getting better an better) and playing around with some assembler routines. Who knows - i might even code another intro. :)
Browsing through some old disks i stumbled upon a long forgotten very crappy game i coded in 1999 and decided to link and pack it for your entertainment.

I am quite happy. Got my own C65 two days ago, a very rare and cool machine. Started a C65 website wich will grow in the future. Check it out:


I finished my new routine and decided to release it as an intro: Check out the VSLT Intro on my releases page.

More details on the Radwar Party IX can now be found on their Website.
Today i did some minor changes on the links page and subscribed to the Padua banner exchange.

New release: Thanktro is online. Please do not download it. ;-)
Yeeee-haw! Yesterday - after years of abstinence and starvation - i finally got a 'real' C=64 again, equipped with a 1541-II disk-drive. It is not modified in any way, no reset-switch, no cartridge (i need an action-replay, or at least some sort of disk-speeder).
Anyway: The original is much more fun than any emulation!

The Radwar Party IX was announced! The party will take place in spring 2000 in Heinsberg/W-Germany. Further Information will follow!

My third intro is due to release: Berlintro can be downloaded from my releases page.

First update since creation of this page: I uploaded my second release today. As always, sourcecode is included. Have much fun!

news about releases links