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On this page you may download my releases on C=64 in .d64 (Disk-Image) format. Be shure to fetch an C=64 emulator to check them out.

DIRK'S BRAIN QUEST GAME - released 08/05
Going through some old disks yesterday i found this long forgotten game i intended to be my contribution to the C64 Crap Game Competition 1999 by Cosine. For some reason i never quite finished it although it was almost complete and fully playable. Most likely i wanted to avoid the shame of the last place. For sentimental reasons i decided to release it now, 6 years later.
It's a two player game. Player one has to manouver through a maze without touching the walls, player two has to try to shoot player one. The first hit will increase player one's size which will make his live even more miserable, second hit means loosing a live.
Please be aware - this really is crap.
Download zipped .d64 .. Download Sourcecode (ASCII)

VSLT INTRO - released 07/99
This intro has a vertical scroller with 16x8 characters generated from the ROM-Font combined with my infamous lame-tech effect. (Download Munichtro and read the scrolltext for an explanation what a lame-tech is).
Nothing much else, besindes the logo and some sprites giving the credits for the intro. I ended up wasting my rastertime waiting for the start of the next line. :-)

This time i made the source-code available, so feel free to laugh, learn or do whatever you want with this (toxic) waste of RAM.
Download zipped .d64 .. Download Sourcecode (ASCII)

THANKTRO - released 06/99
This intro was coded to thank Daniel for lending us (TCF and me) his 1541 drive. I built a X1541 cable last month but did not have a chance to test it until we got his fd. Anyway, in the meantime i have my own C=64. (See news for more talk about this).
There are some scrolling rasterbars and a smooth y-scrolling using FLD. (My first one, so it might be quite l*me :-)
On this disk image is not only the actual release 'thanktro', but also my other intros featured further down this page. This was done mainly because i want to convert this .d64 back on 5 1/4 inch to hand it over to Daniel. Please notice that not _all_ files (such as notes, etc) are present on this disk image. So it might be better to download the other files, too.
If anyone should be interested in the source, just drop me a mail.
Download zipped .d64

BERLINTRO - released 05/99
Just a short one this time: The second and probably last part of the Oracle series. It was done in a couple of houres, so don't expect too much, but anyway, it includes some valuable information, so i would recommend to download it and read the texts.
It also contains a great tune by Wacek/Arise, which should be reason enough to download the .d64 file (zipped, as always).
It's really lots of fun to code on this fine machine, so i will be back with another (and most probably, better) intro quite soon.
Download zipped .d64

MUNICHTRO - released 05/99
This is my second release for C64. It documents my first attempts in coping around with $d012 and for this it has some nice color-effects and some sort of 'Low-Tech' effect. Source-code is included in the .d64 as sequential file and is also available in ASCII format. As last time, it is not documented, nor optimized in any way (i finished it in a hurry and so it even might contain some bugs :)
It was coded during my 1 1/2 week stay in Munich, which might explain the name and the limited number of effects.
Download zipped .d64 .. Download Sourcecode (ASCII)

FIRST INTRO - released 04/99
This one is nothing special, just a simple 1x2 Scroller with a nice (?) logo and some sprites. Mainly done for gaining some coding-experience, but as this is my first intro i just _have_ to like it. :-)
You are welcome to call this intro lame, but please consider that it was coded just 4 days after my first contact with 6510 machine-language. (And, of course, no code was ripped from someone else). I included the (mostly undocumented) sourcecode in this package, so feel free to learn or send your comments and/or tips to me.
Download zipped .d64 .. Download Sourcecode (ASCII)