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The graphics you see on this page are real C65 bitmap graphics (320x200 pixel mode). They all are calculated on the original machine, i made a memory dump and converted the bitmaps into .pcx format, then (for the web) into .gif. I had to modify the palette-colors from 4 to 8 bit values, of course, but i managed to keep the colors near at the original. I will soon write more about the C65's bitmap graphics in the docs section.

original c65 bitmap! original c65 bitmap!

As you already might have guessed, this is pure Mandelbrot. Images are produced with the Mandelbrot-program you can download as .prg or ascii source. (Parameters used: Left pic: -2,0.5,-1.25,1.25 Right pic: .37,.52,.31,.44) Although these images should be 6 bitplanes (64 colors), one of the planes got lost during conversion :-(. So these pictures end up having 32 colors. As the calculation of the pictures took ages, i uploaded them anyway.

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