Toxic Waste's C65 Information Page

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This is the first wave of pictures i took with my lousy, crappy digicam. Sorry for the bad quality, more and better pictures & screenshots to come.

C65 closed C65 opened

Yes, this is the way the C65 looks. Quite typical design for Commodore, the internal 3 1/2 inch floppy drive opens to the front, much better than the way it was in Amiga500/1200, IMHO.

Board Credits

The board of my C65 is a Rev2B, as you can see on the left picture. Chapther one of the C65 user manual says that there was a Rev2a, too. To the right we see the names/initials of the development crew.

Fault ROM

There is a label on the floppy drive of my 65 with a hand-written note on it, maybe because of a bug in my model. My ROM-Chip is a 910612A version, i also heard about 910111, 910228 and 910429 versions, but there must be newer ones out there, too. The last line of the hand-written ROM-Label says '80AD' which is the checksum of this ROM-version.


This last picture shows the round hole where the disk-drive connector should be. It seems that none of the existant C65's has this connector wich most probably was meant to connect a 1565 type drive (as the c65, these drives were never released.)