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These pictures also are taken with my crapcam, so excuse the miserable picture quality. I plan to make some good screenshots using a better camera.

gfxdemo screenshot gfxdemo screenshot

The first two screenshots show my GFXDEMO1. You can fetch it in the download section. Both pictures are taken from a 320x200x32col graphics screen (although they don't show the whole monitor picture). The C65 is quite colorful, you can have up to 256 out of 4096 colors. :-)


startup screen startup screen

This is what the startup-screen of the C64DX Development System looks like. These pictures are very bad quality, but i included them anyway. Here's what the screen says: "THE COMMODORE C64DX DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM / COPYRIGHT 1991 COMMODORE ELECTRONICS LTD. / COPYRIGHT 1977 MICROSOFT / BASIC 10.0 V0.9B.910612 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED".

mandelbrot mandelbrot

Herer are two screenshots of my C65 working hard on a 320x200x16 Mandelbrot GFX (15 iterations). Calculation lasted for more than 3 houres, but hey, it looks nice. In the meantime i slightly improved the mandelbrot program (also available at my download section) to calculate with 46 colors, 45 iterations.